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No, I’m Not Disappointed We’re Having Another Girl

So, we're pregnant! We're having another girl! Emmie is so freaking excited to be a big sister...we think...she actually doesn't really seem to get it, so we're projecting excitement onto her. We just found out we'll be having another daughter. We could not be more excited. Let me repeat: we could not be more excited.… Continue reading No, I’m Not Disappointed We’re Having Another Girl

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Badass Mom– Archer and Olive

I met this Badass Mom, Bonnie, when I first arrived to Austin. I could already tell that this empathetic, compassionate, beautiful, talented, and insane woman would be my best friend. While all of these reasons are true, it's her talent that is the main reason I'm her friend...I'm hoping to mooch off of her success… Continue reading Badass Mom– Archer and Olive


Things Not To Say To A Mom

I was having a long, wonderful conversation with my friend, writer of Raw Uncensored Mom  , (someone you should totally follow, by the way) about the ridiculously crazy things people think it’s okay to say to a mom. Let’s discuss: 1. When’s number two (or three, or whatever number you’re on) going to be here? Stop. Asking.… Continue reading Things Not To Say To A Mom


Throwing Your Child’s First Birthday

We just celebrated my daughter's first birthday! I cannot believe it. She's one. What a whirlwind of a year. From horrible experiences at daycare to awesome daycare experiences, difficulties breastfeeding to fights on social media, it's been a fantastic year with my darling daughter. We just threw her first birthday and it was amazing, tiresome, and… Continue reading Throwing Your Child’s First Birthday


Raising a Daughter in a Slut-Shaming Society

Here's I'm a Horrible Mom, jumping on the bandwagon and talking about what's heavy in the news. You know what, though? It needs to be talked about. When I was in school, I had a friend who disclosed to us that she had had sex with her boyfriend. One time.  This was not super rare-- a… Continue reading Raising a Daughter in a Slut-Shaming Society


Competitive Moms vs Moms Who Just Want to Do Their Own Thing

The beauty of belonging to a mom's group or having friends who are moms is that they feel your pain. Oh, you can't go out for brunch like y'all had planned because your little angel is throwing a tantrum, pooped all over themselves, and needs a bath? No worries, Ma. I got you covered. We'll… Continue reading Competitive Moms vs Moms Who Just Want to Do Their Own Thing